About Lizzie

Sometimes it’s the small things that matter. What you see, what affects you. How life goes by and you want to make the world a better place. Make a difference in the world. You can. One Lizzie Bag at a time…

I hate to see waste. So I started recycling a long time ago. Slowly I started consuming less. I’d always bring my own shopping bag, always had a small one in my purse. I started refusing plastic bags from shops, even when I bought clothes. I used my own.

Then I went to open air markets and kept using plastic & paper bags. Enough was enough. I started sewing a few for myself, then showed them around. And here I am. I hope you like them.

The bags were first produced in India, in a small village in West Bengal. Unfortunately the woman I initially hired and paid to sew, furnishing sewing machine, training and all the materials needed, was not up to par.

So now I have moved production to Brussels as the India teams were not giving me the wuality I was looking for. More news soon!

If you are interested, please send me a mail: info@lizziebag.com.

For now they are available on my etsy store, so please go check it out.

FYI, I started an INDIEGOGO campaign in June 2014 to get me started. The response was good and I now get regular etsy orders weekly and also I supply an organic shop in Brussels. But given I no longer have much stock, I am waiting to get more stock to start my lizziebag.com direct selling.

Thanks for reading and let’s get this show in the road by reducing our carbon footprint, one bag at a time!
Lizzie d.